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Aug 30th

Waxing For Hair Removal

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Why you should wax and how to prepare for your wax appointment:

Waxing removes the hair from the root for approximately three to four weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and feels smooth growing back unlike shaving that has a sharp and itchy feeling. If you are new to waxing, you will want to make sure your hair is at least a quarter of a inch long or at least three, yes three, weeks of growth. If you don’t have enough hair growth you will not get the best results. Some areas like the bikini line or underarms are more uncomfortable to get waxed than other areas like upper legs or arms, but most new clients say it’s not as bad as they expected. A trained Esthetician will work quickly and efficiently to put you at ease. Most clients think they are the hairiest person on the planet, but know that your esthetician has seen it all and there is no need to feel embarrassed. After waxing the best way to prevent ingrown hairs is with regular exfoliation. We recommend a liquid roll on called PFB Vanish.  It works great to prevent ingrown hairs and also helps get rid of them with regular use.


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