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Sep 21st

Skin & Pollution: Do you know what to do?

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Skin & pollution: Do you know what to do?

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Skin & pollution do not mix well. More and more dermatological studies continue to prove pollution’s direct impact on your skin. Now more than ever, skin needs protection from our increasingly dirty world. Learn how pollution impacts skin and how to protect skin from air pollution with the right pollution protection skin care.


The pollution problem

Is modern day pollution the next UV? Researchers predict that pollution protection will impact skin care as much as UV protection as consumer consciousness increases.

Our increasingly dirty world is full of skin-aging atmospheric stressors: pollution, exhaust fumes, industrial smoke, ozone, extreme weather and free radicals.

Skin exposed to daily toxic pollution becomes prematurely aged, weakened, dull, dehydrated and sensitized.


Skin + pollution: The studies

Recent dermatological studies show:

  • The formation of lentigines (sun spots) increases with levels of traffic-related air pollution, ground level ozone and air pollution-associated gases*
  • An increase in atmospheric soot is linked with 20 percent more pigment spots (dark spots) on the forehead and cheeks*
  • Study subjects living in more polluted areas have significantly worse skin hydration**
  • Soot, particles from traffic, and background pollution are associated with a more pronounced nasolabial fold (smile lines)*
  • Study subjects living in more polluted areas show depleted vitamin E and squalene levels in the skin**
  • New studies released at the World Congress of Dermatology show how pollution can accelerate the visible signs of aging, especially for individuals with sensitive skin***

Source: Journal of Investigative Dermatology / ** Source: Dermatology Times / *** Source: Skin Inc

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