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Mar 2nd

Ten things to know about Exfoliation, Peels, and Exfoliators

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10. Exfoliation helps the skin help itself.  It triggers the skin’s self-healing, self-repairing ability by disrupting the skin’s barrier.  This disruption sets off a complex process within the epidermis as it works to repair its barrier.

9. Although the top layer of the epidermis is the only layer you directly touch during exfoliation or surface peeling, you indirectly affect the entire organ.

8. Enzymes and acids are both “chemical” exfoliants. However, enzymes in general are considered more gentle as they don’t penetrate as deeply into the layers of the stratum corneum. That’s why we recommend them for sensitive skin types.

7. “Stronger” isn’t always better, and choosing which surface peel to use shouldn’t be based only on the strength of a formula. You need to look at the formula as a whole.  Which acid/acids are in it? What is its pH? The lower the pH, the more “active it is. What else is in the formula that may make it more active?

6. Envision a brick wall. The action of the AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) remove not only the keratinized skin cells (it’s bricks), but also dissolve the intercellular glue (the mortar) that holds the dead cells together.

5. The goal should always be to “coax the skin into shape” not assault it”- an esthetician will choose the right peel for you so that you can achieve long-lasting results-without damaging the skin.

4. Your esthetician may choose to perform a surface peel after a few facials using an Enzyme first to determine if there are no contraindications to the surface peeling products.

3. It’s possible to achieve results from a peel without downtime. Clients can immediately go back to their day-they can even have a surface peeling treatment on their lunch break.

2. An experienced esthetician will start you off from milder peels  to stronger peels. Don’t try to jump right in as you may regret it if your skin is too sensitive. Please let your esthetician guide you for the best results.

1. Some redness is normal during a peel as a result of increased circulation. It can be controlled during the treatment, bringing the skin back to a normal color at the end of the facial.

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